Tiger Properties Dubai: Your One-Stop Destination for Real Estate

Tiger Properties Dubai is one of the largest real estate developers in the United Arab Emirates. The company has established itself as a top player in the construction sector for almost 200 projects have been delivered. Among its vast array of buildings, the most notable is the Tiger Tower, a 37-story square tower, and a magnificent hub of luxury apartments and hotel suites. The company operates…
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Can Foreigners Buy Property in Dubai, UAE?

It is obvious to come up with this question- can foreigners buy property in Dubai? The answer is YES. Foreign investments are open to foreign nationals, non-residents, or who live in the UAE like other hot property zones. There is no qualm in mentioning that the maximum…

Off Plan in Dubai - First time buyer Guide

New developments commonly offer off plan in Dubai to attract investors in under-construction projects. These off-plan investments are tricky and somewhat risker. A first-time buyer may find the off plan property attractive but need to be vigilant for many factors. Table…