How to Find Budget-friendly and Cheap Apartments in Dubai for Rent


Dubai is known for its high cost of living, and rent is one of the most significant expenses you’ll face as a resident. According to Numbeo, the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Dubai is around AED 8,000 (about $2,172). With such high rental costs, there are some cheap apartments in Dubai for rent.

The importance of finding budget-friendly apartments for rent: Finding an affordable place to live is critical in Dubai, where the high cost of living can quickly eat into your budget. By finding a budget-friendly apartment for rent, you can save money and have more disposable income for other expenses.

Finding affordable housing is essential: As the high cost of living in Dubai can quickly drain your savings, you must choose a suitable place to call home at a price within your means. You can reduce your monthly rent payment and free up more cash for other uses by searching for an affordable rental unit.

Research Apartments and Flats for Rent in Dubai

The first step is to assess your financial situation and needs. If you’re looking for a rental apartment in Dubai, it’s best to have a good idea of your budget and requirements before you start browsing. Think about how much money you can allocate toward rent each month and what facilities and conveniences are most important to you. This will allow you to concentrate on the flats that are both affordable and suitable for your situation. Areas like Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, Sheikh Zayed Road, Jumeirah, and JBR are relatively expensive communities.

Search for flats in several different areas: Dubai is a sizable metropolis with several distinct residential areas. It’s smart to browse for apartments in several different areas and compare costs to discover the greatest discounts. The rent or the number of deals available can be significantly reduced in some areas.

Think about the various options for housing: Dubai’s rental apartments come in a wide range of sizes and architectural styles. Consider what features and amenities are most important to you in a rental unit, as well as your budget and personal tastes. Studio apartments are great for those on a tight budget, while larger apartments are ideal for families.

Affordable Apartments for Rent in Dubai

Various Dubai neighborhoods that are easy on the wallet: Although the cost of living in Dubai is relatively high, there are cheaper areas inside the city. It’s possible that rentals are less expensive, facilities are less expensive, or the overall pace of life is slower in these areas.

Cheap Apartments in Dubai for Rent
Cheap Apartments in Dubai for Rent

Some reasonably priced areas and the amenities they offer are as follows: International City, Al Qusais, and Mirdif are some of the many such areas in Dubai. These areas include cheap housing and convenient access to grocery stores, parks, and schools. Al Nahda, Muhaisnah, and the Al Qusais Industrial Area are other low-cost areas.

How to locate cheap lodgings in Dubai

Tenants should inquire about any discounts or special deals that may be available from the landlord or property management company. For instance, you could negotiate a lower rent payment if you.

  • Investigate several neighborhoods: Dubai is a huge city with numerous neighborhoods to select from. Rents in some communities may be lower or amenities more reasonable than in others. It’s a good idea to investigate different neighborhoods and compare rates for affordable apartments.
  • Look for online listings: Many landlords and property management businesses publish their available flats for rent on the internet. You can find many flats and compare prices by checking online rental platforms or websites such as property finder and Dubizzle. Use keywords like “cheap,” “affordable,” or “budget-friendly” to locate the best offers.
  • Consider several apartment types: Apartments for rent in Dubai are available in various sizes and styles. Considering your budget, needs, and tastes, consider what type of apartment is best for you. For example, renting a studio or shared apartment may save you money.
  • Negotiate your rental terms: If you locate an apartment that you want, but the rent is too costly, you may be able to negotiate a lower price. Find out the average rent in the neighborhood for similar flats and use that information to negotiate a better bargain. Other terms, such as the length of your stay, the size of the deposit, and other fees, are also negotiable.
  • Look for special offers or discounts: Many landlords and property management organizations provide special offers or discounts to attract tenants with cheap flats for rent. For example, you may earn a rent discount the rent or give additional months free if you commit to a longer stay or pay in advance for numerous months. Keep an eye out for special offers and inquire about them when negotiating your rental conditions.

Dubai Silicon Oasis

If you’re an interested tenant, you can look for a one-bedroom apartment in Dubai in Silicon Oasis. It is pocket-friendly and a perfect match for singles, professionals, couples, or families. It is an ideal preference for those looking for an active lifestyle. It also allows residents to fulfill their day-to-day requirements. The average rent for 1-bed units is about AED 33K. If you are looking for a more spacious choice, you can check out 2-bed flats for rent with an average cost of around AED 53K. Although the list of villas and furnished apartments is there, the average rent for a 3-bed house in Cedre Villas would cost you around AED 140k, which may go upto AED 180K if you look further for more facilities with the 5-bed house, and so on. 

Mirdif Dubai

The properties in Mirdif have seen immense growth rapidly in the last few years. You can check out a few green areas, kids’ play areas, and paved roads, which makes it one of the most suitable and sought-after locations to choose from families. The area is well-connected with the leading school in Dubai. You can get furnished apartments for rent in Dubai marina. Additionally, fine dining options are available, and great retail options to shop from. Comparatively to most areas, Mirdif seems to be quite reasonable when it comes to rental costs. You can easily get a 1-bedroom apartment for rent at AED 44k annually. With 2-bedroom apartments, one can get an average cost of AED 60K.

Discovery Gardens Dubai

It is one of the best residential neighborhood communities. One of the master projects by the greatest architect – Nakheel. You can look for pet-friendly apartments for rent in Dubai, and it is located relatively close to business landmarks such as Dubai Marina, Jebel Ali, JLT, and more. You will get satisfactory affordable rental places to stay here. Regardless of all the best features, the rental prices are even more attractive as you can get one bed at AED 48K, a 2-bed apartment at AED 76K, and so on. 

International City Dubai

It has always been popular because of its price point and precise location that is well-connected with all other amenities. You can say it’s a convenient spot if someone is not looking to pay a hefty amount and still wants to get all the facilities. The yearly rental is also very affordable. These studio apartments are comfortable enough for rent at AED 23K annually. You can get a 2-bedroom apartment for rent monthly in Dubai at an average cost of around AED 40K. The average annual rent for studios in both clusters is AED 17,000. In addition to rental apartment clusters, International City is home to large townhouses or connected villas. Warsan Village, located on the outskirts of the International City, offers cheap 3-bedroom homes with an average price of AED 85K. Yes, you can think about this option as it has a fairly reasonable price. 

Rashidiya Dubai

Popularly known as Rashidiya and surrounded by several shopping malls and government offices, this place is an attraction amongst tourists. If you’re looking for a villa or if you have a family that is looking for an abode that is in the vicinity and has many houses in the middle of old Dubai. The detached villas in Al Rashidiya Dubai are located near many transport connections. Rashidiya is undoubtedly one of the greatest residential zones in Dubai for those who do not have a car because it has a metro station and many bus routes. In addition, there are a number of stores, as well as parks, libraries, and schools. One of the best public libraries in Dubai can be found right here in Al Rashidiya, which is home to the Dubai Public Library. It usually varies from 4-6 layouts in bedrooms. The rental cost of these immense units depends on the size of the square feet of the villa. For a 1-bedroom apartment, the rental cost starts at AED 46K yearly, and with a 2-bedroom apartment, you can get up to AED 90K.

If this doesn’t suit your budget, you can always lease a 4-bedroom villa in Al-Rashidiya for a year which would cost you near about AED 90K to AED 120K.

FAQs – Cheap Apartments in Dubai for Rent

What are some good Dubai districts to stay in on a tighter budget?

International City, Al Qusais, Mirdif, Al Nahda, Muhaisnah, and the Al Qusais Industrial Area are all good examples of Dubai districts that won’t break the bank. These areas have low-cost housing and convenient public services like grocery stores, parks, and schools.

What should I try to bargain for less money each month in my rental agreement?

The following are some suggestions for negotiating better rental terms and saving money:

The price of rent is up for discussion. Negotiate a lower rent if you find it too costly for your budget or if you feel it is disproportionate to the unit’s worth. Find out what other apartments in the area are renting for and use that as leverage to get a better price.

Change your mind and try these alternative phrases The rent is negotiable, but other details, such as the length of your stay, the size of your security deposit, and other fees, are also up for discussion. You can negotiate a lower rent or a lesser deposit, for instance, if you’re willing to remain for a longer period of time than originally planned.

Where can I look to get cheap apartment rentals in Dubai?

When looking for an apartment to rent in Dubai, there are several ways to uncover deals. Online postings are worth checking out since many property management companies, and landlords use them to promote deals and discounts. Use terms like “special offer,” “discount,” and “promotion” in your search to find these offers. Be good about asking if any deals or discounts are currently being offered when you see an apartment that interests you.


In conclusion, Dubai rents are higher in some posh areas. Searching for an affordable place to rent an apartment in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), requires time, effort, and negotiation. You may find apartments that work for your budget and your needs by doing some preliminary research and planning. Don’t just focus on the rent when negotiating the terms of your rental; take into account the length of your stay and any associated expenses. Looking for discounts and deals, exploring furnished apartments, and being flexible with your move-in date can also help you save money. Using these suggestions, you should be able to locate reasonably priced housing in Dubai and cut costs over time.

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