Chiller Free Apartments in Dubai – What You Need to Know?


Air conditioning (AC) is a must thing to have if you live anywhere in Chiller Free Apartments in Dubai, such as Arab Pensivela. In most Arab countries, the term “Chiller” refer to AC. For residential and commercial apartments, the landlord sometimes bears the cost of the air conditioning instead of the tenant, commonly referred to as a Chiller Free apartment. In order to save the cost of cooling, which can be in thousands of AED per year, many prefer to rent residences with air conditioning costs included in the rent.

Two Chiller (Cooling) Systems in Dubai

The infrastructure in Dubai is excellent, with great facilities, but the harsh summer temperatures and dry climate cannot be ignored. It would be essential to have air conditioning to stay cool. The question is which type of cooling you choose. There are advantages and disadvantages to either choosing the district cooling system in Dubai or chiller-free apartments in Dubai.

Let’s discuss details about Chiller Free Apartments in Dubai

1-District Cooling System in Dubai

This cooling system was introduced in 1999, and now there are many district cooling providers operating in the UAE, such as Empower and Emicool. Some popular residential neighborhoods of Dubai use Empower district cooling systems. These include Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Ghoroob Mirdif, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Palm Jumeirah, Barsha Heights, etc. Emicool’s district cooling services are found in places like Dubai Investment Park (DIP), Dubai Sports City, and Dubai Motor City.

In District cooling systems, insulated pipes are used to circulate cold water over the apartments and buildings. This helps lower electricity bills. The chilled water helps keep the buildings cool and reduces strain on air conditioning systems. It is deemed cost-effective and environmentally friendly. The cost is affected by metrics like Demand Charge and Consumption Charge. Then there are additional fees like Meter Testing, Meter Maintenance Charges, and Connection Charges.

Here is the breakdown of District Cooling Charges by Empower (as of 16th Nov 2022).


Consumption Charges

  • Yearly Demand Charge: 6 RT (The RT load of the A/C of your unit) * 750 = 4500 AED per Year.
  • Monthly Demand Charge for the month of January: 4500/365*31 = 387.50

Meter Maintenance

  • Quarterly at AED 50 for 3 Months or AED 30 per month as applicable, subject to the location.

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2- The Chiller Units Systems in Dubai

The traditional chiller system uses high-power electricity in order to operate. This system is not efficient as it can result in a hefty power bill at the end of each month. Chillers can last for many years with proper maintenance, so the initial investment may be worth it in the long run.

Pros of Direct Cooling System

  •  District cooling systems are more environmentally friendly.
  • It can be used both in residential and commercial establishments.
  • Its advanced technology reduces emissions.
  • It helps save overall costs in the long run-on energy bills. 

Cons of Direct Cooling System

  •  Excessive Water Consumption for the cooling
  • District cooling systems have steeper upfront construction costs.
  • Tenants must pay the charges. 

 The Chiller Free Cooling in Dubai

Another popular option while looking for an apartment in Dubai is Chiller-free cooling apartments and flats for rent in Dubai. When you pick an apartment relying on the district cooling system, you pay the cooling charges. In a chiller-free cooling system, the landlord pays the air conditioning charges. So, when you stay as a tenant in a chiller-free apartment in Dubai, there is no need to pay a separate air-conditioning cost. You pay regular energy bills as the tenant. However, remember that the energy bill will vary on consumption patterns and the apartment size. 

Pros of Chiller-Free Systems

  • The DEWA bill of the tenant excludes the Chiller-free charges.
  • Chiller-free systems are set up on building rooftops for easy maintenance.
  • It has low maintenance costs.

 Cons of chiller-free systems

  •  It is typically less energy efficient.
  • Higher emissions.
  • Higher maintenance requirements for regular service.

District cooling is considered environment-friendly, and energy bills are reduced in the long run. But a tenant staying in such an apartment must pay additional costs. This may not be feasible for many tenants. The chiller-free apartments and flats in Dubai can be ideal for low-budget families.

The other global economical alternative is the conventional cooling method, Chiller units that use electricity, and the energy bill will be according to the consumption. The charges will be added to DEWA’s monthly electricity and water bill.

Chiller Free Bedroom Apartments for Rent in Dubai

People in Dubai seeking wallet-friendly chiller free apartments and flats can find plenty of Chiller-Free Apartments. You can pick from chiller-free apartments for rent in Dubai that come in varying dimensions and layout styles, such as studio, 1 bedroom apartments, and 2 bedroom apartments.

  • Dubai Marina– It is among the popular area for tenants seeking chiller-free apartments in Marina Dubai. Single professionals and families seek this upmarket neighborhood next to Sheikh Zayed road for an easy commute to Downtown Dubai or if they need to go to Abu Dhabi during the morning rush. People also like Dubai Marina for factors like vibrant nightlife, close to major leisure and entertainment zones, and excellent public transport links. Several chiller-free residences in this neighborhood are nearby Dubai Metro stations.
  • Bur Dubai- The historic district is home to the Prime Minister of UAE, but it also has a lot of residential setups. The location has some suitable chiller-free apartments on rent and is also known for several tourist attractions. 
  • Al Nahda- Located nearby the Dubai-Sharjah border, Al Nahda has some chiller-free buildings. You will find spacious apartments in this area at affordable rates. The presence of several shopping and entertainment zones also works in its favor. Families with kids prefer it for the availability of educational and healthcare facilities.
  • Al Barsha– Those seeking quality chiller-free apartments for rent in Dubai can also explore the Al Barsha region. It has emerged as a leading residential hub with properties that are not hard on the wallets. It is a typical family-friendly area with superb lifestyle amenities. It also has good transport options and two Metro stations.
  • Jumeirah Village Circle– This is an emerging hub for chiller-free apartments for residents of Dubai. JVC residents gain from shared facilities such as bicycle paths, swimming pools, gardens, etc. 

Common Chiller Free Building Residence Amenities & Features

Chiller free apartments and flats buildings usually offer similar amenities to any other residential building, but you may find a difference in building quality, ambiance, and management style.


Chiller-free apartments in Dubai can suit many tenants seeking economic rental properties. However, consider your priorities, lifestyle, and needs before selecting from the apartments available for rent. Considering all elements such as lifestyle, amenities, fully furnished, unfurnished, brand new or vacant rent listings, transportation options, and proximity to your workplace are the aspects you must assess before picking any such property in Dubai. If you prefer a chiller-free unit, see all available apartment listings. If needed, seek the services of a real estate consultant who knows Dubai’s residential areas well.  

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